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Warranty Guidelines

ASC Warranty for New Water Pumps

As the leading water pump manufacturer in the USA, ASC Industries Inc. stands behind our products. We offer the following warranties to protect you in the unlikely event of premature water pump failure.

LIMITED LIFETIME WATER PUMP WARRANTY: Applies to all ASC new water pumps excluding Class 5-8 vehicles.

HEAVY-DUTY SERIES WATER PUMP WARRANTY: A one-year, unlimited mileage warranty applies to all ASC® new water pumps supplied for Class 5-8 vehicles only.  These pumps are excluded from the Lifetime Limited Warranty.

These warranties are exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, whether verbal or written, expressed or implied.

The ASC warranty becomes effective on the date a part is installed on an un-modified equipment application following proper procedures set forth by the original equipment manufacturer. ASC Industries Inc. warrants to the original retail purchaser of an ASC Industries Inc. water pump only against defects in materials and/or workmanship. This is not an unconditional guarantee against all hazards and failures. All conditions of ASC warranty must be satisfied or ASC warranty is deemed void. See Limited ASC Warranty Conditions.  ASC Industries Inc. will replace, free of charge, or credit the customer for any of its products to be found defective.

ASC Industries Inc. will replace the part only, no labor or related parts will be allowed.


The following will void the ASC warranty:

  1. Product is improperly installed, abused or improperly maintained.
  2. Product is installed in an application inconsistent with its intended use.
  3. Cause of failure is external to the supplied product.
  4. Defective claim paperwork is not returned, or is improperly completed.
  5. Product was installed on an emergency vehicle, taxicab or vehicle subjected to abnormal use. (i.e. racing)

ASC Industries Inc. will not be responsible for the cost of related parts, additional labor charges, incidental expenses nor any consequential damages, personal injury, or damage to property. Some states or provinces do not allow exclusion on certain limitations, so this limitation or exclusion may not apply to all circumstances. Legal rights pertaining to limitations or exclusions vary from states/provinces.

If there are any questions concerning the ASC warranty or its implementation, purchaser may write to the warrantor, ASC Industries Inc., 2100 International Parkway, North Canton, Ohio 44720, or contact Please note that retailers or resellers of ASC supplied products have the right to set their own warranty terms and conditions other than what is stated here and are not contractually bound to ASC’s guidelines.

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