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How to Measure Hub Height

December 1, 2016

The hub height is the measurement from the pump’s mounting surface (where it mates to the engine), and the top of the hub surface (where the pulley mates to the hub).

Water Pump Failures and Causes

Failure Symptom: 1. Seal Leakage-Dirty System Evidence of seal leakage from weep hole. This pump has been in service only a short time before rusty-looking coolant began to leak out of the weep hole, leaving behind large deposits of rust and calcium.  The figure below shows a buildup of rust particles with a mud-like consistency […]

Galvanic Effect

An important concept regarding the endurance and performance of the water pump is electrolytic metal erosion or EME. This is also referred to as the galvanic effect. With the ever-increasing use of dissimilar metals in engine components, plus the higher reliance of electronics, the problem of EME is brought to the forefront. This electrical activity […]

Low Flow

Many believe that the number of fins or vanes on the impeller directly increases the pressure and flow through the water pump; however, this is not necessarily true. The number of vanes or fins is not the driving factor for increased flow. It is actually the impeller clearance that increases flow and performance. Impeller clearance […]

New vs. Remanufactured Water Pumps

Do It Right. Do It Once. Water pump damage occurs over time as heat and contaminants destroy the internal parts of the pump. Some of this damage is quite obvious, but bearing wear or impeller deterioration may not be so visible. If these components are reused in remanufacturing, their performance can compromise the system, reduce […]

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