New vs. Remanufactured Water Pumps

Do It Right. Do It Once.
Water pump damage occurs over time as heat and contaminants destroy the internal parts of the pump. Some of this damage is quite obvious, but bearing wear or impeller deterioration may not be so visible. If these components are reused in remanufacturing, their performance can compromise the system, reduce its cooling capability and cause more damage to your engine. It is only a matter of time before the unit fails…..again.

Avoid Costly Labor Bills.
Today’s hi-tech automobiles are very sophisticated. Most service is labor-intensive requiring specialized skills and tools. Although parts may be relatively inexpensive, labor costs can run into the hundreds of dollars. Often, remanufactured pumps are just a few dollars cheaper than the new pump. It is a job no one wants to do twice because of an inferior part, not to mention a shop or installer’s reputation.

Don’t Install Trouble.
An automotive water pump is a precision instrument designed to work in a highly stressful environment. The smallest defect in a pump or its components can result in serious damage to an engine.

Components are often reused in the assembly of remanufactured water pumps compromising the overall pump quality. A rebuilt water pump may seem to pass a visual inspection, but hidden imperfections like bearing wear or impeller deterioration may not be so visible in reused components. This can directly result in repeated pump failures.

Typically a remanufactured pump uses oversized bearings in an attempt to maintain enough press fit between the bearing and the housing, and the bearing and the hub. The press fits are rarely to OE specifications and are often the cause of catastrophic failure. During the remanufacturing process, mounting holes may become enlarged increasing the risk of leaks and housing failures. Housings on a remanufactured water pump have been sand blasted which causes pits in the housing and mounting surfaces. In some cases, remanufacturers will epoxy the housing to fill in the deformities created by deterioration from the cooling system.

The best case scenario it to purchase quality-made new water pumps from a reputable manufacturer like ASC. Browse our catalog to check out our large listing of OE-quality pumps.

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